27 June 2007

Ravelry goodness and Tuscany dreams

I got my invite! I got my invite! Ah, all the Ravelry goodness! it's fantastic-- if you're not on the list, get on over there to Ravelry.com and sign up! it's just the coolest thing.

And it's what I've been doing with all my time practically since the moment I got my invitation. So fun! The most time-consuming part is cataloging the stash-- taking pictures, entering specs, etc., etc. But very satisfying stuff! And I've already managed to set up a swap with another Raveler, so soon I'll have 3 lovely lovely skeins of Handmaiden Silken. Yum! For a Tuscany for my very own. In forest greens and coppery colors. Tasty.

And speaking of Tuscanies... after seeing amyKnitty's swatches of the original Tuscany and two subsequent ones, I was no longer confident that mine (out of Elann Callista, a rayon, cotton, linen blend) will block out to be as lacy as it should be, so I emailed her and asked for some advice... She very kindly answered and said that because cotton and linen are tougher to block than silk, I should try to get the look I want as I knit, and that this one looks pretty tight to her. SO-- I will re-swatch on larger needles and take EZ's advice to knit more loosely (so that I don't have to find another hobby!). So that's the update on that. It's too bad, too, because I was a little further along than in this picture.


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so I'm off to swatch! Going to try size 8 needles this time...

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